The Swisstem Pathway Opportunity

The Swisstem Pathway opportunity is a pathway towards qualifying in the Phyto Science USA Compensation Plan as Gold (which would have cost you $1200) or Mobile (which would have cost you $4000) but in Swisstem Pathway’s you can earn your way to Gold or Mobil by paying a low entry cost of $50, which includes a $5 Distributor/Admin Fee and 4 Double Stem sachets.

Since Swisstem Pathways uses Phytocoin a Cyber currency in lieu of cash you will pay your entry cost with .50 Phytocoin. Since each Phytocoin is worth exactly $100, that entry cost would be only $50. You purchase your Phytocoin from your sponsor after you enroll into the Swisstem program. Since Phytocoins are a Cyber currency they must be originally purchased from a “Cyber Mining Company”, which charges a modest exchange rate. This exchange rate of 15% is added to your entry amount so your sponsor will charge you $57.50. Because of the way the Swisstem Pathways program is designed, that amount will be the only out-of-pocket expense you will ever have to pay. (For the sake of clarity, from now on we’ll use dollars to more clearly illustrate the earnings, but they will all be expressed in your back office in Phytocoin terms.)

As stated early, included in the entry fee are 4 single-dose sachets of the Swiss-apple Double stemcell powder sachets. Take the powder under the tongue and enjoy its pleasant, sweet taste as it melts. “Under the tongue” because that’s the fastest way for it to enter the blood stream. To understand more about this amazing product and its benefits contact your upline Phyto Science sponsor. It’s truly an amazing product! :)

You have now entered the first Phase of the 5x3 Matrix. If you’re not familiar with Matrix programs it simply means you have 5 positions on your 1st level. This allows you to share your story with others in order to get 5 people on board your first level. They can share the same with 5 others, a total of 25 (which would be your 2nd level). Those 2nd-level 25 can share the same opportunity with 5 others, for a total of 125 on that level (which would be your 3rd level). I know what you’re thinking - can I share my story with more then 5 people? The answer is YES, the more the better. This not only helps you complete your Matrix quicker, it also helps your entire team complete their Matrix. Keep in mind that each Distributor is responsible for personally enrolling at least 5 and helping each of them personally enroll 5, but as we’ve just explained the more you share, the quicker everyone’s Matrix Grows, “A Win-Win!

You will earn $34 in commissions from each Phase I Product Pack sold by your 1st level Distributors. Once all 5 Distributors on your 1st level have generated at least one personal sale you’ll be given the option to complete the Swisstem Pathways program by withdrawing your commissions or you may advance to Phase II of the program.

As in Phase I, you will have a Personal Sales Requirement of 14 single-dose stemcell packets to begin Phase II. If you have a Customer ready to go that’s great, but if you don’t, you can opt to pay the $150 (or 1.50 Phytacoin), from your secure eWallet and add the product to your sales inventory to sell at a later date. Either way there is no additional out-of-pocket expense!

Now that you are in phase II you will earn $101.50 commissions from each Phase II product sale made by the 25 Distributors on your 2nd level, Wow! Swisstem Pathways is starting to get really exciting and you are developing a growing team of excited Distributors generating retail sales.

At this point you have some options just as when you made the decision to advance to Phase II. You can choose to complete the program and withdraw your commissions from the eWallet or you may advance to Phase III. You also have the option to reenter under your sponsor back in Phase I in a new position. If you choose to advance to Phase III you will have a Personal Sales Requirement of 196 single-dose stemcell packets. Again if you don’t have a Customer you may opt to have the Phase III Product Pack deducted from your commission eWallet and added to your sales inventory to sell at a later date.

In Phase III you will earn $1411 from each Phase III Product sale made by the 125 Distributors on your 3rd level. Now that’s amazing and you can still sell and earn from your new position. The product is healthful, tastes great and the business is easy, fun and affordable. That’s the Swisstem Pathway!